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: Future of Hunting and the Shooting Sports
Chapter Summaries

  1. Introduction

  2. Participation in Hunting and Shooting Sports

  3. U.S. Demographic Trends and Characteristics

  4. Hunting and Shooting Initiation, recruitment, Retention, and Desertion

  5. Motivations for and Satisfaction with Hunting and the Shooting Sports

  6. Target Markets

  7. Hunting and Shooting Recruitment and Retention Programs

  8. Public Opinion on Hunting and the Shooting Sports

  9. Implications and Action Items

  10. Methodology

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Action Item 22 (pg. 203)

Promote youth programs, which are important in that they start participation at a young age. The "natural" path of hunting and shooting initiation occurs at a young age, and the beginner typically is first taken by his or her father or other male family member.

Best Practices:

Chapter 8 Hunter Education

  • Carefully define the content of the hunter ed experience
  • Offer training frequently and on predictable schedule
  • Offer training that is well advertised and easily accessed
  • Utilize a variety of approaches to increase participation
  • Develop partnerships to strengthen programs
  • Consider social context of learning - enhance social support
  • Provide ways for people to act on what they've learned

Chapter 10 Mentoring

  • Recruit qualified mentors
  • Make program community-based
  • Sustain over time with multiple follow-up activities
  • Evaluate mentors and have procedures for termination
  • Recognize and reward good mentors
  • Integrate with other existing mentoring efforts

Chapter 11 Creating Opportunities

  • Provide ranges/demonstration areas
  • Provide alternatives to shooting/hunting where necessary
  • Provide info on and promote where to find opportunities
  • Create a welcoming, family-friendly environment
  • Make it easy, simple and fun for the learner
  • Provide instruction/training
  • Make it low cost or free
  • Partner with private ranges.

Chapter 17 Shooting Sports in Schools

  • Consider implementing established programs
  • Encourage college courses on hunting/shooting for credit
  • Encourage creation and/or continuation of cons clubs
  • Implement HE programs within school systems
  • Encourage shooting as a varsity sport
  • Encourage collaboration between school boards and public agencies